Air Tools

Whatever the job, Campbell Hausfeld has the air tools to get it done. Need an air hammer, brad nailer, die grinder, cut-off tool, impact wrench or paint sprayer? We have the tool for you. Explore individual and combination air tools, designed for both home improvement or craft projects and construction or automotive applications, and accessories and kits to complete your collection so you can get to work.

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TL053900 Standard Duty Pop Rivet Gun (TL053900)
XT001000 GSD 3/8" Impact Wrench (XT001000)
XT002000 GSD 1/2" Impact Wrench (XT002000)
XT051000 GSD 3/8” Air Ratchet (XT051000)
XT101000 GSD 2 ¾" Air Hammer (XT101000)
XT200000 GSD Air Cut-Off Tool (XT200000)
XT250000 GSD Straight Die Grinder (XT250000)
XT251000 GSD Angle Die Grinder (XT251000)
XT302000 GSD Random Orbit Palm Sander (XT302000)
XT401000 GSD Keyless Reversible Air Drill (XT401000)
TL140200AV 1/2" Impact Wrench (TL140200AV)
CHN10399AV 1/4" Crown Stapler Kit (CHN10399AV)
CHN10499AV 1/4" Brad Nailer & Stapler Kit (CHN10499AV)
DH580000AV Spray Gun, General Purpose HVLP Gravity Feed (DH580000AV)
TL050101AV 3/8" Air Ratchet (TL050101AV)
TL054900AV 3/8" Impact Wrench (TL054900AV)
DH790000AV Spray Gun, HVLP Gravity Feed (DH790000AV)
TL052001AV 1/4" Die Grinder (TL052001AV)
TL053700AV Grease Gun (TL053700AV)
AT122601AV Sand Blaster with Tube and Hose (AT122601AV)
CHG00189AV Brad Nailer & Stapler (CHG00189AV)
CHN10299AV 2" Brad Nailer Kit (CHN10299AV)
DH320000AV Spray Gun, General Purpose with Canister (DH320000AV)
DH420000AV Spray Gun, General Purpose with 1-Quart Canister (DH420000AV)
DH530001AV Spray Gun, Heavy Duty with 1-Quart Canister (DH530001AV)
DH550000AV Spray Gun, Detail with 8-Ounce Canister (DH550000AV)
DH650001AV Spray Gun with REV Canister (DH650001AV)
MP290001AV Air Brush Kit (MP290001AV)
PL155800AV Air Caulk Gun (PL155800AV)
RN164599AV Roofing Nailer (RN164599AV)
SB504099AV 2" 2-in-1 Brad Nailer/Stapler (SB504099AV)
TL050201AV Impact 1/2" (TL050201AV)
TL050400AV D.A. Sander with 6" Pad (TL050400AV)
TL051700AV 3/8" Butterfly Impact Wrench (TL051700AV)
TL054100AV Angle Die Grinder (TL054100AV)
TL103200AV Engine Cleaning Gun (TL103200AV)
TL106901AV 62 Piece Air Tool Kit (TL106901AV)
NS349099AV 34 Degree Clip Head Framing Nailer Kit (NS349099AV)
TL054500AV 3/8" Reversible Air Drill (TL054500AV)